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"Buy Baking, Get Gardening FREE" Special
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Get BOTH books "Baking with Mommy" (10th Anniversary)
and "Gardening with Mommy" for:
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Priority (2-3 days)
S&H $6.65

- Over 90 recipes for the Easy Back Oven(TM)
- Dash, Pinch and Smidgen measuring spoons
- Tons of kid-tested gardening activities in full-color

All Made in the USA

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Gardening with Mommy Book
Fun Family Gardening Activities

by  Kristen Joyal

        NOW ON SALE
        - Gardening Book



Thought you’ve done all you can with your 
flowerbeds, planters and garden? 

Are you looking for some fun and educational family gardening activities? 
Well then look no further!!!

If you have a flowerbed, garden site, planting container or even just
a few flowerpots, then the "Gardening with Mommy" book is for you! 

With tons of kid-tested gardening activities, the "Gardening with Mommy" book will
provide your family with the information needed to have fun gardening all year round. 

Loaded with fun activities, the "Gardening with Mommy" book includes projects like:

● Peanut Butter & Jelly Garden
● “Wild” Animal Zoo Garden
● Itsy Bitsy Spider Garden
● Plantable Seed Cards
● "Wizard of Oz" Garden 
● Outer Space Garden
● Pizzeria Garden
● ABC Garden
● Rainbow Garden
● Chocolate Garden
● Loofah Sponge Soap
● Tin Can Pumpkin Man
● Swimming Pool Garden
● Hawaiian Aloha Garden
● Grass Sock Caterpillar
● Balloon Plant Garden
● Litter Box Garden
● Cotton Boll Angel
● Pansy Painting
● and more...

Baking with Mommy Cookbook
Recipes for Kid-Size Ovens
(10th Anniversary)  
by  Kristen Joyal

             NOW ON SALE
             - 10th Anniversary Cookbook 

All Recipes are Designed for: 
Easy Bake Oven(TM) 

Barbie(TM) Bake with Me Oven 

Mrs. Fields(TM) Baking Factory 

Queasy Bake(TM) Cookerator 

Easy Bake Real Meal Oven(TM) 
and other light bulb ovens. 

“Mommy, mommy, let’s bake something!” 

Thought you’ve done all you can with that
trusty old light bulb oven?
Are those expensive baking mixes too much hassle?

Well think again!

 If you have a kid-size light bulb oven, then the Baking with Mommy Cookbook is for you!

With over 70 recipes designed for light bulb ovens, you won’t need to buy those expensive baking mixes anymore.  The Baking with Mommy Cookbook recipes use normal kitchen ingredients and are easy.  
You and your little ones will delight everyone
with new and tasty creations.  

So, pull out that kid-size oven out of the closet, put in a new clear light bulb and let’s get baking! 
If you don’t have on oven, you can find one in many stores!


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